Burial Services

Artisan Funerals offer a range of Burial services to suit your needs.

Burials are now less frequent in Australia, accounting for around 30% of funerals these days.

Where the option of burial is chosen for religious or cultural reasons, the ceremony is shaped by the customs and beliefs of that religion or culture.

However, if a burial is not bound by any cultural or religious protocols, then the burial service can be as personally tailored as you wish, within the guidelines of the cemetery.

You may wish to hold a ceremony in a venue like a chapel prior to the burial, or alternatively, you may  hold the entire service at the graveside.

Our local cemeteries usually provide a shade marquee and a small amount of seating at the graveside.  But remember, it is always advisable to check upcoming weather conditions before choosing to hold an entire service outdoors.

With a number of options to choose from, we are by your side every step of the way.  So, if at any time you are unsure or have a question, please Contact us and ask.

We also have a large range of Coffins to choose from.  You can view them here, or contact us for more information.

Below is a more detailed look at Burial options and costs for our Burial services. Cemetery costs are not included in our pricing, but please see the links below for further information on specific cemetery costs.

Full price list here.

Costs listed are Mon-Fri. as some venues and all cemeteries incur extra costs for weekends.

Burial Services

Pricing as at June 2021 (incl. GST)

This is a guide only – all our farewells are fully customised to suit your needs and choices.

Gold Coast

As a guide, below is the link to the chart of costs for burial in a Gold Coast City Council Cemetery, offering either lawn or monumental plots. If you do not already own the Right of Burial in one of these cemeteries contact the friendly GCCC Cemetery staff on 07 581 6640 for assistance in choosing the right cemetery and purchasing the right plot for your needs.


Burial bookings at the time of need are made on your behalf by your Funeral Director.

Privately owned cemeteries (i.e. Allambe Memorial Park in Nerang or Great Southern Memorial Park in Carbrook) can offer more variety in the types of burial plots available within their cemeteries.  Each has its own chart of costs which can vary greatly depending on the area that you choose.  If you wish to choose a plot at a privately owned cemetery phone them directly (Allambe ph 07 5578 1699 or Great Southern ph 07 3829 9999) for an appointment and one of their friendly staff will show you around the cemetery and help you choose the right area for your needs.  Cemetery costs here are also paid directly from the family to the cemetery at the time of purchase, but bookings for a burial at time of need are made by the Funeral Director on behalf of the family.

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