The Petite Moses

  • Natural Willow
  • Clean and Green
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Carbon neutral material
  • No glues, varnishes, plastics or metal

The Moses is natural willow with a band of mature willow top and bottom. It is 540 x 28 x 15.

Clean and green, hand-woven willow caskets, made from renewable resources.

Willow coffins are among the most environmentally friendly coffins available. These coffins are the ultimate in environmental recycling as willow is a highly renewable crop harvested each year which involves minimal processing.

In the right soil conditions willow tends to decompose much more quickly than traditional materials such as MDF, hardwoods and metal.

Willow is a carbon neutral material and when burnt only gives off the same amount of carbon that it consumes within it’s lifetime.

Willow coffins are woven and therefore do not depend on toxic glues, varnish, plastics, or metals.




Product disclaimer:
Our suppliers take every care in ensuring that both the colour and design of our product is accurately portrayed in our advertising information. However, from time to time there may be slight colour and design differences which are beyond our control. Please note colour tone may vary as this is a natural product.

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