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Your cultural heritage is important to you, and so it is important to us at Artisan Funerals.

New generations separated from their cultural roots often have to find new ways to mourn; Artisan Funerals can assist you in observing your cultural protocols as closely as possible here on the Gold Coast.

Elder Tīmoti Kāretu states, “Ki te wareware i a tātau tēnei tikanga a tātau, arā te tangi ki ō tātau tūpāpaku, kātahi tō tātau Māoritanga ka ngaro atu i te mata o te whenua ki te Pō, oti atu.”  (If we forget our cultural practices, particularly those pertaining to the dead, then our very essence of our existence as Māori will be lost from the face of this earth, to the underworld forever)”

Many elements of Māori customary practice have been affected as a result of changes in technology. The migration of Māori to cities, and other countries some distance from their traditional marae creates the problem of where to hold tangihanga.  Often now, families choose to have their loved ones prepared and brought to the suburban family residence to observe tangihanga.

Whatever your cultural heritage at Artisan Funerals, we have dedicated space for you to come and help dress your loved one if you wish and place them in their coffin.

Our dedicated space is available to all our families, whether they are fulfilling cultural obligations, or simply wanting to spend quiet time with their loved one. Having worked extensively within Maori, Pasifika, Hindu and Sikh communities, we are aware that each community has its own individual needs, and Artisan Funerals will work with you to meet them as you need to. This may take the form of being fully traditional, or a mixture of traditional and personal choices.  As always, the choice is yours and we are here to help you realise your vision of the ideal farewell within your family

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