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With a rapidly growing global population, it’s little wonder that people are researching, requesting and choosing environmentally friendly options when it comes to burials and cremations.

Some people are looking for more simple and natural ways to say farewell, others are just concerned with the environmental footprint left behind.  Whatever your motivation is, Artisan Funerals can assist you to help you plan a meaningful farewell with a reduced carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, some alternatives to cremation such as Resomation and Promession are currently not available to us on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW (or, to our knowledge, anywhere in Australia for that matter).    However, there are some practical, cost effective ways to make the farewell process more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Photos and further information about the following products are available on our Catalogue Page.

Eco/Green Coffins


The definition of a Green or Eco coffin is one that does not include toxic materials and will safely biodegrade over time.  The do not have metal parts, veneers or glues and decompose much faster with minimal impact on the immediate environment.  This also makes them very suitable for cremation.


At Artisan Funerals, we offer Hand-woven Wicker coffins, Bioboard (cardboard) coffins, or sustainably sourced Plain Pine coffins (with either rope or wooden handles), which are all pre-approved at environmentally focused burial sites.  Our closest natural burial sites are:  Alberton Cemetery in Queensland, and Lismore Bushland Cemetery in New South Wales.

Journey Earthurns

Journey Earthurns are perfect for water burial.  They are engineered to float briefly before gracefully sinking.  Once on the bottom they break down naturally over time.

Each Earthurn is handmade from sustainable resources and includes a water-soluble, biodegradable bag.  They can be used for scattering, biodegradable burial, or the temporary storage of cremated remains.  No trees are cut down to manufacture Earth Urn biodegradable urns.

At Artisan Funerals, we have used these at beachside ceremonies with great success as it suits our natural environment very well

These are available for direct purchase from Artisan Funerals.  Contact Us below to get more information or stock availability.

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