Death and dying are taboo topics of conversation in our society today.  It wasn’t always so, with families of previous generations caring for their loved ones at home, and knowing what was to come next.   However, it is now a conversation which needs to take place.   I am inviting people to join the conversation…..

There are many rumours, misconceptions, preconceptions and good old urban myths, which cast an unpleasant cloud over the subject of end of funerals and end of life care.

We offer two separate free services to help people understand and express their grief – LIFTING THE LID discussion groups and LIFTING THE LID grief groups.

LIFTING THE LID is a (Gold Coast and Northern NSW based) not for profit platform for group discussion about the what, why and how of death and funeral care.  It provides people with a safe, non-judgemental environment in which to ask the questions they have always wanted to ask but never known how or who to ask.  This is their opportunity.

LIFTING THE LID discussion groups can be hosted anywhere:  in people’s homes for groups of up to around six people, or sports/church/community centres for larger groups.  Whilst Lifting the Lid is not a grief counselling session or a funeral pre-planning event, a Grief Counsellor and Funeral Director are in attendance to facilitate and provide informed and honest answers.

Anything within reason can be brought up – eco funerals, cultural funeral services, and cremation options on the gold coast.

In addition to our discussion groups we are also offering our LIFTING THE LID grief groups which we intend to hold on a monthly basis. This is a cuppa and a chat for those who are grieving or working their way through the grief process.  This is a safe place to connect with others in a similar situation, to discuss feelings, thoughts and ideas about loss and moving forwards.

We’ve created a dedicated lifting the lid facebook page which has up to date information on the next planned group.

Alternatively, contact me today to host your own LIFTING THE LID discussion group.

I look forward to talking with you soon!


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