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Death and dying are taboo topics of conversation in our society today but it wasn’t always so.

There are many rumours, misconceptions, and urban myths, not to mention the media hype and bad press of late, which have cast an unpleasant cloud over the subject of funerals and end of life care.

LIFTING THE LID  is a (Gold Coast and Northern NSW based) not for profit platform for group discussion about the what, why and how of funerals and end of life care. It provides people with a safe, non-judgemental environment in which to ask the questions they have always had but never known who, or how to ask.

Here is their opportunity……

LIFTING THE LID  Discussion Groups and Grief Groups can be hosted anywhere:  in people’s homes for small private groups, or sports/church/community centres for larger groups.

Whilst LIFTING THE LID  is not a grief counselling session or a funeral pre-planning event, a Funeral Director, and if required a Grief Counsellor are in attendance to facilitate, and provide informed and honest answers.


Upcoming Event

Chats about the dying, death & life for those left behind

Wednesday 18th March  2020   6.00-8.30pm

Artisan Funerals 3/122 Eastlake St, Carrara, Gold Coast, Queensland 4221

This month we are discussing document preparation and how to support a friend or family member during a dying journey.

We are looking to make the death topic normal and easy to talk about in daily life.

To have the deep and meaningful discussions before death looms and the emotions flood in covering up the reality of the end.

Opening up the conversations about dying, death and coping with living after the death of a family member, colleague or friend.

Open discussions on a variety of topics covering preparations: emotional & mental load and practical things you can implement.

We maybe able to answer questions from our collective experiences or be able to direct you to where you can get answers.

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