Stephen Dimmick

Stephen Dimmick

16th September 1971 – 7th January 2020

Stephen Edward Dimmick. Son of Stan and Irene, brother to Paul and Ian.  A lovable larrikin who will be sadly missed.

A lovable larrikin,
That’s what he was to us.
A simple life, with simple things,
He didn’t make a fuss.

Family was his compass,
They helped him find his way.
He never left the family nest,
And never did he stray.

He liked to drink a glass of white,
You could say it was his wife,
Except no complications,
And definitely no strife.

A MasterChef, he liked to cook,
And fill up all the bellies,
He also like the bakery
Full of cakes and donut jellies.

Burger day would make us laugh,
Two dozen in his freezer,
He’d cook them up, we’d have a feast
It was a real crowd pleaser.

A man of very few words,
He chose them care-fully.
And never lost his temper,
Or acted like a bully.

For he was a very gentle man,
Family was his love.
And now he’s sitting somewhere,
Watching from above.

So, remember when you miss him,
He’s always here with you.
Smiling down upon you,
From the skies of blue.


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