Artisan funerals have a large range of funeral urns to suit your taste.  You can choose from traditional urns to scatter tubes. There are keepsakes and tealight candles as well as nature urns and eco urns.

From Alloy and Brass, to Resin, Timber, Ceramic, Glass and now the new customiseable Expression Urns, we can provide the right urn for your needs.

Many of the urns in our range can be engraved and personalised.

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   Expression Urns

Each of our Expression Urns is available with a matching Coffin.

Expression ashes urns are handcrafted to complement each coffin design; they are both beautiful art pieces and functional ashes containers. The felt covered urn base is simply removed for insertion of an ashes container inside. The external sizes of the urns are: W32cm x H15cm x D22cm. Contact us for more information.

Journey Earthurns

Journey Earthurns are perfect for water burial.  They are engineered to float briefly before gracefully sinking.  Once on the bottom they break down naturally over time.

Each Earthurn is handmade from sustainable resources and includes a water-soluble, biodegradable bag.  They can be used for scattering, biodegradable burial, or the temporary storage of cremated remains.  No trees are cut down to manufacture Earth Urn biodegradable urns.

At Artisan Funerals, we have used these at beachside ceremonies with great success as it suits our natural environment very well

These are available for direct purchase from Artisan Funerals.  Contact Us below to get more information or stock availability.

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