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…because the celebration of a life should be as unique as the one who lived it.

“There’s only one reason you would be looking at a funeral home website, so my thoughts are with you and I’m here to help.  There’s no rulebook, so whether you are seeking the familiarity and comfort of a traditional funeral or choosing to craft a one-of-a-kind farewell or no service cremation, I will be with you every step of the way to guide you in making beautiful, informed choices”.



Artisan Funerals . . . helping Gold Coast and Tweed Coast families create beautiful farewells.

Burials & Cremations

All the bells and whistles? Or something more low key? Whatever you have in mind we can help you arrange the most appropriate service for either a burial or cremation



Pre-Planned Funerals

Pre-planning your funeral can be a meaningful and valuable process which helps those you love during an emotional and difficult time.  We can help you make these important decisions in the privacy of your own home with our personal one-on-one pre-planning session.


Lifting the Lid

Artisan Funerals offer two separate free services to help people understand and express their grief – LIFTING THE LID discussion groups and LIFTING THE LID grief groups.  Both groups are designed to demystify the taboo subjects in society.



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What to do when a loved one dies

Meet Karen

A funeral, a farewell, or a celebration of life….  however you choose to describe it, acknowledging the end of a loved one’s earthly presence should be more than just a “one size fits all” type of approach.

My name is Karen Lucas and I have been a trusted funeral care provider since starting as a trainee embalmer/mortician and funeral assistant in 2001.

My passion is to do away with the “package funeral” approach and personalise each, and every farewell.  To listen and understand your needs.  To humanise and simplify the funeral process.   To make every farewell the most positive experience it can possibly be.

I’m a big believer in a cuppa and a chat, so give me a call – I can pop around and we can do just that!

I look forward to meeting you  –  Karen


Karen Lucas

0434 267 744



No Service No Attendance Burial Service

Burial Service

Burial Service

No Service No Attendance Cremation Service

Cremation Service

Cremation Service with Memorial

The Team

Please once again accept our heartfelt appreciation. It was so comforting to know Mum was so beautifully looked after. Allowing us to be part of the process in a very practical, compassionate and positive way and the outstanding “send off” she had, has helped us all enormously with the grief process. Many many thanks to Karen and her team.

-Annie Chappell and family


Meet Reggie

Our 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

‘Reggie’, our bright and beautiful, gleaming RED HEARSE is a brilliant way to celebrate your loved one with a difference at Artisan Funerals.

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